What Does Palm Tree Trimming Cost?


What Does Palm Tree Trimming Cost?

Palm trees can grow quite fast and reach incredible heights.  They don’t have branches hanging off the sides like most of the trees we have in our landscapes, so they are hard to climb.  To get the trimming done right requires the right skills, tools, and knowledge.  So how much does palm tree trimming cost?

The Cost Of Palm Tree Trimming

A number of factors will influence the cost of palm tree trimming. Things like the size of the tree, it’s overall health, the shape of the tree, and how much work it needs.  Palm trees that are decades old and have never had any work done will cost more than newer trees that have had regular trimming.

Small Palm Tree Trimming Cost

A small palm is anything under about 30 feet tall. Trees that aren’t as tall take less time to trim.  This saves time and man hours which means you spend less.  Smaller palms are also younger and typically have less that needs to be done.  The average cost for the trimming of a small palm tree is between $75 to $400 dollars.

Medium Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Medium palm trees are those that are between 30 and 60 feet tall.  These palms take more time to climb, more time to trim, and typically have more that needs doing in maintenance.  Do to the extra time and maintenance the cost is a little higher and typically lands between $130 and $800 dollars.

Large Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Any palm tree over 60 feet is considered a large palm tree.  These trees require the most time and skill to trim.  They are also generally those that require the most maintenance and take the longest to trim correctly.  For this reason they are the more costly of the trimming projects and land between $200 to $1,200 dollars.

When Do I Need Palm Tree Trimming?

No one likes spending money when they don’t need to.  In fact when it comes to palm trees experts recommend trimming as little as possible. So follow the tips below to know if it is time to trim a palm tree on your property, whether it is residential or commercial.

Trim your palm trees when:

  • There are fronds that are brown, dying, or dead
  • You notice a fire hazard from dead fronds
  • There is diminished visibility near driveways, intersections, or sidewalks
  • There are flowers, seeds, or fruit
  • The tree is near a building and falling fronds might damage the structure

Once you’ve had palm tree trimming you likely won’t need to have it done for at least a year or longer. Palm trees don’t need the same type of yearly trimming and pruning that other types of trees need.

Choosing A Palm Tree Trimming Company

The last step if you’ve decided that you need palm tree trimming is choosing a company.  You should ensure that the company knows the right tools and techniques for palm tree trimming.  If a professional whips out spikes or cleats to climb your tree, stop them as that will damage the tree.  Fronds should not be pulled from the tree, rather they should be trimmed 2” inches from the trunk.  Also if more than one tree is to be cared for the tools should be cleaned between trees to prevent spreading diease.

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