Easy Tree Stump Removal Guide

Tree Stump Removal

If you’re searching for tree stump removal or how to remove a tree stump, this post is for you.  We will show you how to remove a tree stump without a stump grinder or back breaking labor.  While this method does work it isn’t as fast as professional tree stump removal.  So you will need to judge how quickly you want to get rid of your tree stump.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are known for their strength and stubbornness. Plenty of read ends of vehicles have been torn free trying to use chains, ropes, and tow straps to try to yank a tree stump loose.  Safe you back and your vehicle’s by using this easy tree stump removal method.

Cut The Stump Low

The first step is to have as little stump to remove as possible. You can do this with a chain saw but be exceedingly careful as injuries are more common than you’d think.

Drill Holes Into The Stump

The next step is to drill half inch wide holes into the stump using a spade bit and extender.  You want the holes around the sides of the stump to be 12 inches deep and about 4 inches down from the rim at about a 45° angle.  This is done to make the holes connect from the top and sides.  The air holes will assist with the wood rotting or burning.

Tree Stump Removal Methods

The next step is to either buy a can of stump removal from your nursery or hardware store, or rent a stump grinder.  The majority of stump removal products are made rom powdered potassium nitrate.  This chemical assist in accelerating the rotting process.  If you choose the potassium nitrate route follow the directions which will usually involve just pouring it in the drilled holes.  After about a month and a half the stump should become very spongey and will be ready to remove with an axe.  It’s important to keep your pets or children away from the stump after it is treated with this chemical.

In some regions of the country it is legal to use fuel or  kerosene in the holes to burn away the stump.  It’s important to first, check your local ordinances regarding burning.  If it is allowed in your neighborhood you may soak the wood and then drop lit matches into the soaked holes.  It does take some time to burn, so caution must be taken to keep pets and children away while you’ve got a raging inferno in your yard.

Best Way To Remove The Stump

Burning isn’t practical in cities and can be dangerous for properties and their occupants.  For this reason the two most simple and effective ways to remove a stump are either hiring a professional stump grinding company, or to use the potassium nitrate method and an axe.  The biggest difference being the time it takes to remove the stump.  If you have professional tree removal stump removal is typically a connected service offered at a good discount at the time of service.

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