How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow In Arizona?

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow In Arizona

A lot of people wonder, How fast do palm trees grown in Arizona? This is a common question when planning where to plant a palm tree, or if you’re trying to find the fastest growing palms for your landscaping.

How fast palm trees grow depends on the species.  There are some which will grow very slowly and only be 5 feet high after several years, while others can grow as much as two to three feet a year!  If you’re adding palm trees to your landscape at your home or business make sure you plan for how tall they will get.  You don’t want to hit power lines or over power a smaller structure with monolithic palm trees.

Growth Rates of Palm Trees

Palm trees grow faster when pruning, fertilizing, and especially watering is done properly. When all of these factors are done right you can expect healthy growth from your palm trees.  How fast they grow depends on the species of palms, see below for a guide to different palm tree species.

Mexican Fan Palm

If you’re looking for a fast growing palm tree, the Mexican Fan Palm delivers.  With as much as 4 feet of growth in a year these trees get up there fast! With full grown heights of 70 or 100 feet these palms are usually a little too much for most residential landscapes.  Commercial properties love them as they add a touch of regal power with their towering heights.

Foxtail Palm

Another fast growing palm tree for your Arizona property is the Foxtail Palm.  At a rate of growth between two to three feet they will reach their mature height of 30 feet is around 10 years.  These are a great option for people wanting to provide a shade canopy with their palm trees.  Another advantage of the Foxtail Palm is deep roots which make them drought tolerant.

King Palm

The king palm is given it’s royal name as it grows mighty fast.  They grow quickest when the soil has good nutrition and proper moisture content. The King Palm is known to grow as much as 2 feet per year.  To maximize the growth rate of the King Palm it can be planted in partial shade to force the tree to “reach” toward the sun and grow faster.

Queen Palm

The Queen Palm grows just a little faster than the King Palm and thrives in USDA hardiness zones nine through 11.  So if you plant a 15 gallon Queen Palm you will have a 25 foot tree in around 10 years.

Mediterranean Palm

The Mediterranean Palm, or European Fan Palm, is a slow growing palm tree.  These palm trees grow about 6 inches every year.  That means it takes some time to get to their mature height of 20 feet.  With that said this species of palm is incredibly popular with their beautiful fronds and bark.  They are great for virtually any property as they don’t overpower the visual presentation of the building.

Choosing The Right Palm Tree

Ultimately it comes down the look, size, and style of tree you like best.  Some people like the wispy look of Queen Palm fronds while others enjoy the appearance of the Mediteranean Palms shorter and orderly fronds.  Each property owner will have to evaluate the size of mature trees and decide if certain species are going to be too large when mature.  Also consider the speed of growth as some will get you the look you wand much faster than others.